November 19th, 2014

For the storage, since the current controller is SAS6(I believe it is SAS6)/SATA3, there isn’t a clear answer as to what to do storage wise. While I’d prefer something like the Intel DC S3500, if we’re looking for fast performance, a PCIe based solution will be cheaper than buying a new raid controller that supports SATA6. If we’re not looking for absolutely the best performance, depending on how much space we think we need, maybe 3x the 100GB Intel 710 drives would do (newegg flash has the on sale as well).

The unfortunate thing with PCIe solutions right now is the good ones (the intel DC P3700) are large (1TB or so in storage), and expensive (they start at $2K). A possible lower cost solution would be to use the Samsung xp941 in a m.2 to PCIe adaptor. At most we could run two of these (using both 8x PCIe2.0 ports we have available). There is also the fact that I’m not sure how well ESXi handles PCIe storage (I’m picking up a m.2 card and PCIe adaptor for testing on various systems, but won’t be able to test/play until the end of the month).

November 18th, 2014

Just a quick thank you to for their support this month. Their help enables us to continue providing free blogging services for all of our users :-) Thanks again!

September 22nd, 2014

John has been busy!

Updated most of the userlandand the kernel. Also, did some package cleaning.

Next up is the eventual addition of a nextgen (to us) server at the datacenter and some additional isolation of VMs. It should be good stuff :-)

September 20th, 2014 has colocated with TulsaConnect since 2003. At that time I was in my first year of law school at the University of Tulsa. Thankfully, I have been a law school graduate and bar member since 2006. Even though I no longer reside in Tulsa, servers continue to be happily located in downtown Tulsa :-)

Over the past 11 years TulsaConnect has provided great support and continues to upgrade and expand. I build our servers and John is the go-to guy for software maintenance and security. Today, server costs have stabilized but bandwidth continues to one of our largest expenses at does not charge for hosting non-commercial blogs nor do we display advertising on  blogs, that means we are reliant upon donations from kind individuals and companies. I would like to extend a thank you to all the people over the years that have contributed to and I would also like to thank a new contributor, logo

We recently renegotiated our monthly bandwidth quota and so we have finally have room to grow. Despite traffic growing a very large amount in 2013, and significantly in the past two months, with the help of companies like, is still going strong.

Monthly traffic graph, and today's traffic

Monthly traffic graph, and today’s traffic

Thank you again to all of our contributors and bloggers!

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June 13th, 2013

Today marks a new feature for us: interviews with bloggers!

Without further ado, here is our Q&A with Kate from :-)

  • How did you start blogging and how has your blog evolved over the years? I started “blogging” with LiveJournal back in middle school! Then I moved to Blogger, because I was spending the year abroad in Argentina and wanted a place my family could follow my adventures. After a while, I wanted to use a platform where I could have more freedom than Blogger, and at the time, to use WordPress or TypePad (the two options at the time) you had to pay for hosting…..something a broke high school student couldn’t do. So I applied for a blog and got one, way back in 2005! I was an angsty teenager who clearly had a lot to say. (I have since taken that down….the world doesn’t need to know what a whiner I was). Now I have a blog where I document my crafty adventures (though it hasn’t been updated in forever), and my blog, which I’m trying to get off the ground as a book review blog, My blogging is so much more focused now, obviously, with specific topics. I don’t feel the teenage need to broadcast everything that I’m doing in my life. That’s what Facebook is for, anyway! ;)
  • What is your favorite book and what sets it apart from all the rest? I don’t have one favorite book, per se, but one current favorite is Sunshine, by Robin McKinley. It’s kind of a vampire book, but about as far away from a vampire book as you’d imagine. Robin McKinley has a very distinct descriptive tone when she writes and I really enjoy that. Also, another perennial re-read is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones- a great read aloud to kids, but fun for adults as well.
  • When did you first start using the internet? I can’t even remember when I first started using the internet. My dad has always been really big on having the latest technology, and we had a computer for as long as I can remember with the first one being a Mac. (Spelunx, anyone??) But we first got connected to the internet with dialup, on a giant Compaq desktop- we used NetZero for the longest time. I remember taking a class on building websites one summer when I was in middle school- my first introduction to HTML!
  • Favorite websites that you read daily/hourly? ;-) I’m always on my email, but also The Old Reader (an RSS reader), Goodreads, and Facebook and sometimes Twitter. In The Old Reader, I most frequently read lots of book blogs and I like Slate and Cnet. (Find me on Goodreads:
  • Computer(s) your currently use? (phones/tablets included!) Oh man…..Well, I have a MacBook Pro at work, a Lenovo laptop, Chromebook and iPad Mini at home, plus I have an iPhone for personal and an Android phone for work. Plus a basic Kindle… Gosh I have a lot of technology!!
  • Any suggestions for improvements to Nope! Everything is great. :) I couldn’t ask for better. And because my blog has about two readers (me, and J.D.) I’m not worried about anything anytime soon.
June 7th, 2013 is getting some additional server hardware :-) Here are specs:

Dell PowerEdge 1950 Server III

2x Intel Quad Core 3.0GHz 12M 1333M E5450

Memory Installed
32GB Fully Buffered Memory
Eight Slots Available: 8 x 4 GB Memory Sticks

Hard Drives
4x 146GB SAS 15K Hard Drives 2.5″

Riser Board PCI(e) Riser Board with 2 PCI ports and one PCIe port

External Media 1 DVD-ROM

Power Supply 2 Hot Plug Power Supply

Backplane 4 4x 2.5″ SAS/SATA Drive Bays

Ethernet 2 Onboard Dual Gigabit Intel 1000 Pro – 2 Ports Total

Video 16MB Embedded ATI ES1000 with 16MB SDRAM

Form Factor 1U 1U Rack Height

RAID Controller Perc 6i Dell Perc6i Hardware RAID

DRAC Included Dell DRAC Remote Access Card