New server status, theme fixing

Most of our active bloggers have been moved over to the new server. This move has been occuring over the past few months. So far the new server has been working splendidly! My blog is hosted on the new server and I’ve been very happy with the speed and uptime.

We haven’t posted to the status blog (this blog) in a long time. There are a couple reasons:

  1. we’ve been posting brief status updates to the frontpage
  2. there hasn’t been much to report!

I am going to try documenting some of the day-to-day work that our administrators do. So without further ado here is what we’ve been up to in the past week:

  • Fixed Sophie’s blog so it will load for visitors. Her problem was caused by the spotlight theme. Also restored her .htaccess file which had been deleted and was causing permalinks to not work.
  • Added Jesse’s nice testimonial to the frontpage
  • Talked to Mtekk about porting the NetRender theme to a more general purpose theme and releasing it to the public. Reason: it’s a cool theme IMHO!
  • Updated the frontpage with some new CSS from
  • A while back we started using Jessica’s snazzy new logo for the frontpage, thanks Jes! She does awesome graphic design.
  • Added some MySQL table permissions for wide open

That’s it for now, I’ll try to do more weekly updates like this…

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