Retiring old server, moving to new server

Our oldest server is being retired. This server (actually a virtual machine) has been a workhorse over the years but is nowhere near as nice or polished as our new server.

Better performance, better security, faster FTP access, easier maintenance… those are just a few of the benefits to the new server.

Almost everyone is already moved off the old server and upgraded to the new server. However, if your blog is still located on the old server: just let us know and we’ll upgrade you.

This week will likely be the “shutoff” date for the old server, at which point the blog won’t be publicly accessible. However we will still be able to do blog upgrades (from old to new) at anytime. Also, if you’d prefer to just have a backup of your old blog we can give you that too :-).

For those who move from old to new, here’s the basic process:
+email us (support AT
+we’ll transfer your database
+we’ll set you up with the latest WordPress version
+you’ll get new FTP access info
+we ask you to manually upload your theme and plugins via FTP (this is to protect against potentially hacked old files getting from the old server to the new server, as some of those old blogs have antiquated versions of WP w/known security vulnerabilities)

PS Just hollar if you have any questions or if there is anything we can help with!