blog spam

UPDATE: List of sites we do not host and are not affiliated with:,,
(those sites only use WordPress themes that we have sponsored) END UPDATE

I’ve received two emails from people being spammed by
Autodigest looks like a WordPress spam blog that happens to use the Almost Spring theme.

That theme was the winner of the prize in Alex King’s theme contest. Becca, the theme creator, was nice enough to put a “sponsored by” tagline on her theme (since then she has changed the wording to: Design by Beccary and )

Unfortunately, I think that tagline is making a few people think we are hosting autodigest. is not hosting this blog spammer. Spamming is clearly prohibited by our TOS. All of our blogs are within the IP range (checking the IP is the best way to see if a blogger is a user or not.) Autodigest is hosted by somebody else.

I hope that Autodigest quits spamming, but I don’t have any control over their actions (since they are not one of our bloggers.)