Traffic increases, new contributor has colocated with TulsaConnect since 2003. At that time I was in my first year of law school at the University of Tulsa. Thankfully, I have been a law school graduate and bar member since 2006. Even though I no longer reside in Tulsa, servers continue to be happily located in downtown Tulsa 🙂 Over the past 11 years TulsaConnect… Continue reading Traffic increases, new contributor

Interview with Kate of

Today marks a new feature for us: interviews with bloggers! Without further ado, here is our Q&A with Kate from 🙂 How did you start blogging and how has your blog evolved over the years? I started “blogging” with LiveJournal back in middle school! Then I moved to Blogger, because I was spending the year… Continue reading Interview with Kate of

New server addition is getting some additional server hardware 🙂 Here are specs: Model Dell PowerEdge 1950 Server III Processor 2x Intel Quad Core 3.0GHz 12M 1333M E5450 Memory Installed 32GB Fully Buffered Memory Eight Slots Available: 8 x 4 GB Memory Sticks Hard Drives 4x 146GB SAS 15K Hard Drives 2.5″ Riser Board PCI(e) Riser Board… Continue reading New server addition

Using your own Domain Name with

NOTE: Thank you to Kate at for submitting this updated domain name setup FAQ entry to us 🙂 She has been blogging with us since 2005! Setting up a custom domain name for your blog Option 1. Setting up GoDaddy using GoDaddy’s DNS manager Follow the instructions here: For your A record, use… Continue reading Using your own Domain Name with

Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSDs for VM Apache web serving

We have a couple Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSDs in house for stress testing! Assuming they pass muster, and by all accounts they should, we’ll be getting some more for use on our primary web server virtual machine. So far things are looking good, the drives are FAST and there have been no issues… Continue reading Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSDs for VM Apache web serving