Server Hardware Improvements

We’ve been busy working on some server improvements. Specifically we are: consolidating our MySQL DB servers, increasing the RAM on our web servers, and looking at significant CPU upgrades for both the DB servers and web servers.

One of my favorite servers is likely to be retired: SunFire. It is a 1U Sun V20z server with dual AMD Opterons and 10K SCSI hard drives. It was purchased from a failed .com way back in 2006. SunFire has served us well for all these years but technology marches on and it’s finally time to retire it.

Once we have SunFire’s successor in place I’ll try to do a new post with photos and info.

Until then, if you’re interested in servers and hosting in general, checkout our sponsored link for web server hosting. Their contributions help us provide free hosting for our bloggers.

PS Just in case you would like to know more about rackspace and our servers, today we’ll start with one of the basics: what is rackspace? Basically, it is space in an equipment rack where you can store servers and other components. Here is an example rack unit diagram of common form factors. At we lease a half rack in Tulsa to host a variety of systems (two firewalls, two VM servers, one backup server, one dedicated DB server, etc.) and we have a bit more server space in other locales.

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