Thank you to Kevin Knasel

A big ‘thank you’ to Kevin Knasel! Kevin kindly donated funds for new SSD drives that will be used for upgrading our virtual machine datastores. We already use SSDs for our MySQL database servers but with this kind new donation we will eventually be able to run EVERYTHING off of SSDs. Woot! 🙂

As any of your at home using SSD drives already know, it makes a huge difference in responsiveness. I am very excited to be able to bring faster speeds to all of our bloggers and I greatly appreciate Kevin’s donation.

Kevin runs a supermarket supply chain as well as the Branson’s Nantucket resort. While I am doing doing some technical consulting work for Kevin, this donation is a no strings attached perk for all users (no ads, no spam, no nothing). That has been my experience with Kevin: he is a businessman but he’s also a cool guy that likes to help out causes he believes in.

Hopefully we can get Kevin to start a blog here at so he can experience first hand the real-world benefits of his donation! So thank you again for your kind donation Kevin 🙂

-JD, the founder of

UPDATE: Kevin Knasel has been added to the hall of fame 🙂