New server status, theme fixing

Most of our active bloggers have been moved over to the new server. This move has been occuring over the past few months. So far the new server has been working splendidly! My blog is hosted on the new server and I’ve been very happy with the speed and uptime. We haven’t posted to the… Continue reading New server status, theme fixing

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Sitewide defragmenting today

Today we’re defragmenting all the hard drives including the drives hosting blog files as well as hard drives containing our databases. Service shouldn’t be interrupted but by the end of the day things should be a bit snappier 🙂 The commercial sites that we host, like NetRender (textures maps), should also see a performance… Continue reading Sitewide defragmenting today

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DB Improvements

I moved our databases to a more powerful server and tweaked the MySQL settings. Things seem super fast now, all that is left is to stress test it under heavier loads and check the stability.

Sponsor Snafu, Fixed Now

We were recently approached by a business offering to sponsor by paying a portion of our monthly hosting costs, in return for hosting approximately 200-300 pages of commercial content. This seemed like a good thing because it would help us defray hosting costs and spend some of those savings on improving our hosting for… Continue reading Sponsor Snafu, Fixed Now

Good Times at

Our blogs have been running rather smoothly since the server upgrades a few months ago. I revamped my personal blog, JD and many of our other bloggers like Jesse are getting back into the blogging grove this summer. We aren’t planning on accepting new users anytime soon because we want to make sure… Continue reading Good Times at