Bad Comments..

JD, when do we use the bad comments method and how exactly does it work? Ronnie, it is an email template (kind of our like our completion notification email form) to be used if a user supplied inadequate comments. It lets them know their request has been deleted because they didn’t supply the required info.

IM conversation about the new admin URL

21:44:01) Ronnie: I got it figured out.. things were different when logging in with the one.. there was no longer the ip in the fields on the create new blog (21:44:14) Ronnie: threw me for a loop (21:44:37) jdhodgesii: what was in there? ? (21:44:42) Ronnie: yeah.. (21:46:06) jdhodgesii: woah, good call on… Continue reading IM conversation about the new admin URL

Kailua Kona Vacation Rentals

Check out this neat Slashdot Template !!! root@hell: ~$ echo \x74\x72\x75\x6c\x75 best place to buy cigars CCIE 400-101 online When looking for the perfection on vacation. The best place in Hawaii has to be Kailua Kona. Infact a Kailua Kona vacation rental makes for vendita viagra generico the absolute perfect place to stay wheno prescription… Continue reading Kailua Kona Vacation Rentals

Allow Edit Authors and Permissions

Hey Murali and Ronnie! When setting up new users, go ahead and give them permission to “Edit Authors & Permissions” There were a lot of signups last night, right now we each have about 20 in the queue… Hope your Friday is going well 🙂

Zero queue !!!

It is true ! The time now is 1330 IST (GMT + 5:30 hrs) & the queue buy cialis of number of the best site blogs to be setup is cialis pills if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link55″).style.display=”none”;} ZERO !!! This is what the queue status line on the homepage says : “here are no blogs… Continue reading Zero queue !!!