IM conversation about the new admin URL

21:44:01) Ronnie: I got it figured out.. things were different when logging in with the one.. there was no longer the ip in the fields on the create new blog
(21:44:14) Ronnie: threw me for a loop
(21:44:37) jdhodgesii: what was in there? ?
(21:44:42) Ronnie: yeah..
(21:46:06) jdhodgesii: woah, good call on figuring it out so I guess you did like
(21:46:07) jdhodgesii: ?
(21:46:11) Ronnie: yeah
(21:46:16) jdhodgesii: you da man!
(21:46:18) Ronnie: just deleted the admin
(21:46:54) jdhodgesii: bow chick a wow wow! hae you been having many folks email you?
(21:47:44) Ronnie: not to many.. there was one error where a guy couldnt save and rebuild a new template.. said there was no output file when he tried to save.. he didnt have any posts yet so I just deleted his blog and re-created it and it worked just fine
(21:48:45) jdhodgesii: good job, I’ve envountered a few of those too, i tihnk he may have emailed us both. peopelc an really mess up those templates but there are some REALLY nice designs lately
(21:49:12) Ronnie: ive been browsing around a bit.. some people are mightly creative and really work the templates good
(21:49:41) Ronnie: hopefully it doesnt get backed up like it did a few days ago.. I didnt think id ever get caught up
(21:50:06) jdhodgesii: I’m hopihng we can get osme peopel to volunteer with helping with templates
(21:50:39) Ronnie: Im sure someone will.. it seems though that a majority of the people signing up are non-english
(21:51:40) jdhodgesii: yeah, just because thre was a big post on a big persian blog
(21:51:44) jdhodgesii: i think the ratio is coming back
(21:51:55) jdhodgesii: and I’m going to start implementing some barriers to signup
(21:52:01) jdhodgesii: like having to write a smaple entry beforehand
(21:52:16) jdhodgesii: because I fdon’t want to be a geocities type thing, I want to have quality writing yah know?
(21:52:34) Ronnie: ah.. gotcha.. that makes since why the influx of the foriegn.. an english title would be cool.. then they could change it.. ive gotta copy and then search for the title to setup the user sometimes..
(21:53:30) jdhodgesii: yeah, I have to do the copy too It is pretty orckin how many people we’ve signed up though
(21:53:43) Ronnie: what the total count? around 250?
(21:54:15) jdhodgesii: yep, that’sright! probably with 50 or so peolpe that are actively bloggign wuite a bit.
(21:54:22) Ronnie: you ought to add a little counter type thing to the site that says like “hosting x-number of blogs since 2003”
(21:54:31) jdhodgesii: I’m excited about our end of the month email to send out too. that’s a good call!
(21:54:59) Ronnie: number of entries would be cool too but id imagine that would be alot more work being as that is stored with MT
(21:55:48) jdhodgesii: yeah, I am going to setup a new server with MySQL at some point, then I hope I can pull tha tinfo out
(21:56:10) Ronnie: can you convert the current files over to MySQL as well?
(21:58:44) jdhodgesii: not that I know of, we can always have users do an export/import but I’m plannign on just having two servers
(21:59:08) Ronnie: yeah that would work.. I forget one can import/export..
(22:00:21) jdhodgesii: once this new server gets setup, then I wouldn’t mind opoening up the floodgates and adding a bunch of folks, but by that time it will all be automated
(22:00:38) Ronnie: how is the automation coming?
(22:01:42) jdhodgesii: there are a couple ways to go about it, the way I tink I’ll end up doing it is jsut giving each user their own ENTIRE MT site so they can do whatever they want
(22:02:25) Ronnie: cool.. that would work too.. one should be able to do it all in Perl, but my perl skills are lacking..
(22:05:22) jdhodgesii: ohh, iot’s not problemo.
(22:05:35) jdhodgesii: I actually considered writing an ASP blog host that would let people use MT templates


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