More Blogs upgraded, Blog Setup Request Thread

Hey Everybody!

I’m going to do the UTF-8 upgrade soon and I wanted to get a list of people that need their blogs upgraded to V2 from V1. If you could please post your requests for upgrade in the comments section of this entry, that would be very helpful to me 🙂

your domain prefix
your email address (you can list it like johndoe AT … or whatever to avoid spam, but I need a way to contact you)
your username
approximately how many entries you have previously posted

Also, if you know other people that have wanted an upgrade, please let them know about this entry.

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  1. Hi JD,

    Glad to see this post! I would like to have my blog upgraded as well. My blog is at and I have posted about 85 entries. My username is yilin.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Albunet is upgraded.

    PenguinBoy, you’re upgraded to V2 already. The UTF-8 switch will cover you too (so nothing will change for your login, just better performance.)

  3. I wanted my blog deleted a long time ago. I thought that when I deleted it from the main board it was deleted but it still exists.

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