Waiting on a new server

I have two beta testers lined up for our new WordPress setup, but unfortunately the new server is taking way to long to get setup… I am trying out 1&1 as a possible new host for the weblogs.us server, while I like their prices and features, I don’t like how long it is taking them to get their business in order 😉 They seem like friendly folks though, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hope all is well with everyone out there in blogland 🙂



  1. 1&1 is my personal web host. Haven’t had any problems with them (YET) other than a slower response time than I’d like. Hey JD, I’m really excited about the switch to WordPress. I personally switched back around 4 months ago, and I’ve been a far happier camper (blogger!) ever since. 😉

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