Happy New Year, Server Move Soon

Best wishes to everyone! I’m happy to start a new year of weblogs.us, there are some exciting changes on the horizon 🙂

#1 The new server is here and the switchover will occur this month. Watch the weblogs.us frontpage for status updates, when the server switch occurs there could be a two to 24 hour outage. However, from that point on we’ll be on a new server that is about three times faster than the current server.

#2 Soon WordPress will be an option. Currently there are about seven beta testers lined up. Right now I am on vacation, but when I get back to law school (and high speed internet) I will start setting up WordPress blogs.

Thanks for being such awesome bloggers!


  1. Hey JD,

    I’d love to be a beta wordpress user. I have been working on my setup over here (http://www.twowheeledrants.info) and I am running the WordPress 1.5 beta.

    Can I have a chance to Break your setup?:)

    I’ve added a few functions to it such as a gallery and am working on a few plugins like the Flickr Gallery Plugin.

    Lemme know by email.


  2. Hi JD!

    Happy New Year to you and all of you guys here at weblogs.us

    I would like to switch to WordPress if possible(with Unicode facility ofcourse). I write in Tamil language.

    Thanks in advance JD


    mathygrps at yahoo dot com

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