WordPress Version 2.0 and Weblogs.us

WordPress 2.0 will probably be released today or tomorrow, so this is a preemptive post!

Here is the Weblogs.us plan for WP2:

Upgrade anytime you want. Any of our current WP users are welcome to upgrade to any version of WP, anytime they want to. We give you the FTP (and even MySQL) access that should be more than enough to complete the upgrade 🙂 If it’s not enough, we’ll make sure you get the additional capability you need.

Will you upgrade our blogs for us? Yes if you need help, but first you should try the upgrade on your own. WordPress if famous for quick installations and upgrades. I have always been impressed with how easily upgradable WP is; I have no doubt that the WP crew will do another bang up (good) job on this release. If you try and don’t succeed, the Weblogs.us admins (and other bloggers in the Weblogs.us forums) will be happy to help!

Are you going to automatically upgrade our blogs? No. Some people may not want WP2, and other people may want it but their plugins/themes may not be compatible. The choice is always up to the individual blogger!

When will new Weblogs.us signups get WP2? It seems like big WP releases are quickly followed up with a maintenance release that fixes little bugs. I’d really like to wait for those later releases before switching to WP2 as our default install. This issue is fairly moot right now anyway because we are doing very limited signups as we increase server capacity and security. (We’re trying to avoid the problems that TypePad and others are facing.)

This is going to be an exciting upgrade, my thanks to the entire WordPress crew for producing such fine software!


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