Cleanup update, expired and auctioned

This week we’ve been cleaning up blogs on our oldest server. We updated blogs that had old WordPress versions, we cleanup up hacked blogs, and we did all sorts of misc cleanup on our oldest blogs. Most of our active users are already on a newer server that doesn’t really need any cleanup. However, it’s still good to get the older server cleaned up.

It should put us in good shape for eventually transitioning all active blogs to the new server. The old server will eventually be put to rest. Thankfully, no hardware will be wasted though because the old server is actually just a virtual machine (VM) which we’ll retire. But the hardware will still live on :-). Everything is all backed up too, yay!

Other than that, just a few stylistic changes to the CSS and layout of the frontpage and some subpages. We’re trying to fix some little things have been neglected. It’s important to keep tabs on “todo” items.

On a related note, keep track of your domain registrations! One of our favorite theme designers and oldtime friend, Becca Wei, had her domain name [] expire recently. GoDaddy sold it at auction for over $15,000 USD.

We’re a bit worried about Becca, and not just because of her domain name. We haven’t heard from her in a long time. We used to correspond with Becca quite a bit back in 2006-2007 because we hosted theme files for her to help out with bandwidth. Another of Becca’s friends hasn’t heard from her since 2008. Becca was always very nice and we hope everything is okay for her.

Also, keep an eye on the domain, hopefully the new owners will use it for good and not evil.