Setup up a domain name for a blog

One of the my favorite features of is our free domain name support. If you register your own cool domain name then you can use it with your blog for free :-).

If you haven’t messed with DNS records before then it can be a bit scary to setup. So we have a basic tutorial here: However, a little extra help never hurts. So here is an excerpt from an email exchange this morning, hopefully it will help answer any additional questions you might have about the process :-).

A.L. wrote:


OK, I must say I’m not too proud of myself. I have just registered a new domain name through GoDaddy and have been trying to set it up to my weblogs blog, but obviously, I’ve only found out about the DNS setup documentation on Weblogs after playing around and breaking things…

I think, the fatal mistake I made was to change the WordPress URL blog (in the General Settings) to my domaine name,, before everything was fully setup, so now, the blog is all haywire,, and I can no longer login to it.

To add to my confusion, while setting up Go Daddy to forward to, I managed at one point to have my blog display properly… I thought using forwarding could work also, but I must be missing something…

Now, I’ve followed the tutorial on the Weblogs site, and have created my DNS record at EveryDNS. Do you absolutely have to use EveryDNS for it to work with Weblogs?

In any case, here’s my A records info:


and the domain name is

Right now, when I got to, it displays "It works!", is that normal? where does it come from?

Sorry for all this questions and problems to fix, but I just feel a little lost and starting to be desperate for help.


We wrote:

Hi A.L.!
Thanks for your email, that is REALLY cool that you’ve got a new domain name!

No problem. It looks like you did everything right after following:

I updated our settings and you’re good to go:

To answer your questions:
#1 you can use godaddy or any other DNS host as long as they let you add an “A record” that points to
#2 the reason why it displays “it works” is that we have that as the default served content on the new server, so when you get your domain to point to the new server… THAT content is dispalyed by default. Once you notify us, we add a rule that says basically = and then YOUR blog content is served.

Have a wonderful day A.L. and please let us know if we can help with anything else :-).

PS we’re on twitter now!

Best regards,