Happy Birthday to mtekk!

Happy Birthday to mtekk, our resident Linux expert, bane of spammers, and overall cool dude! Apparently a GPU computing midterm took up most of his actual bday, so here’s hoping that the rest of the weekend is appropriately birthday-licious :-). Thanks for all your hard work on Weblogs.us, we appreciate it!!!

Renewing our Weblogs.sc domain name

Just renewed our weblogs.sc domain registration. Whew, dotster charges an arm and a leg for .sc domains! Alas, they are one of the only .sc registrars out there :-(.

Retiring old server, moving to new server

Our oldest server is being retired. This server (actually a virtual machine) has been a workhorse over the years but is nowhere near as nice or polished as our new server. Better performance, better security, faster FTP access, easier maintenance… those are just a few of the benefits to the new server. Almost everyone is… Continue reading Retiring old server, moving to new server

Server Hardware Improvements

We’ve been busy working on some server improvements. Specifically we are: consolidating our MySQL DB servers, increasing the RAM on our web servers, and looking at significant CPU upgrades for both the DB servers and web servers. One of my favorite servers is likely to be retired: SunFire. It is a 1U Sun V20z server… Continue reading Server Hardware Improvements

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Receiving email notifications from WordPress

One of the limitations of Weblogs.us is that we don’t run an SMTP server. This means that by default, WordPress blog notifications (such as comment notification, or password reset) are NOT sent out. The reason that emails don’t get sent out is because WordPress defaults to using the php mail() function, and since we don’t… Continue reading Receiving email notifications from WordPress