Ridwan is our latest admin, User Survey

Hi Ronnie and Murali, I’d like to welcome a new admin to weblogs.us: Ridwan, he’s got some MT experience under his belt and will probably soon be our point of contact for most initial tech support questions. I appreciate all of your continued help!   Also, I’m going to create an online survey for all our current weblogs.us users to fill out. It will give every member the opportunity to give feedback and suggestions.  I would like to have some specific questions for users like:

  • Their internet connection speed
  • Have they used MT before
  • Their perception of weblogs.us speed when editing their blog
  • How long have they been blogging
  • Their geographical location (country)
  • Age
  • Category of your blog (*can you guys thing of some good category listings?)
  • Primary Language
  • Whether they would be opposed to AdSense advertising or other text links on their blogs to support weblogs.us
  • Their wishlists
  • MT plugins they want….

If you have any questions you would like to ask our 400+ members then this is the time to do it 🙂  Drop me an email or respond to this post on status.weblogs.us with your questions!

We need to ask good questions so we can improve the overall experience for our users and to let us be more efficient. I have been considering an online tech support system for users so we can avoid so many emails, Ridwan suggested I look at LiveJournal’s implementation so I’m going to do that and get back to you all after new years.   Ohh yes, if you all could please email me with your physical address, Santa JD has a special gift in store for weblogs.us Admins who have been good (that is you guys 🙂   Best wishes, -J.D.   P.S. I played with converting the site to MySQL today and it is SO MUCH faster running on MySQL than DB-Berkley file database… Still have a couple issues to workout but it will likely be switched over by Xmas.


  1. Wow, you work fast J.D. 🙂 Well, nice to meet you guys. I’m happy to be here on the ground floor of weblogs.us, since I think we have the potential to build a great community here. As J.D. said I have a little MT experience and it looks like I’m going to be the frontlines for weblogs tech support.

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