Now on a faster server; Some photo loss during the switch

The good news: is now on dual Opteron servers, woot!
-MT rebuild and comment posting times are MUCH faster
-We should be able to handle plenty of WP blogs now

The bad news:
– I accidentally deleted some user uploaded data (mainly GIFs/JPGs) during the server uprade. I restored from the latest backup but there are still images missing. I apologize for the loss and I will not let it happen again.
-No blog entries were lost, all (textual) blog data was backed up. You may need to rebuild (do an entire site rebuild in MT), but all your posts ARE there.
From now on I’ll be doing nightly backups of ALL data (not just blog data, but photos too.)

Better news:
-All new WP blogs have FTP access bundled with them so you can backup your own files if you want to.
-MT bloggers will get FTP access within 2 weeks.
-WP blog signups are being limited to current users, if you are a current (or past) user and want a WP blog just email me here: jd.hodges AT

There was a lot of stuff going on during the server swap, so if you notice anything awry with your blog, please post about it in the forums.

Again, I’m sorry that I lost the data and I won’t let it happen again.



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