Weblogs.us offers $500 prize for “Global Appeal” WordPress Theme

Weblogs.us is one of the proud sponsors of the WordPress theme competition [Alexking.org]

Our contribution is a $500 prize for the theme with the most global appeal.

Judging will be by some of our core users: Ronnie, Murali, HP, Brandy, JD, and Tab.

Judging criteria, we’re looking for themes that:
1. Appeal to a global audience; our users are from all over the world and we would like to find a theme that reflects that diversity.
2. Easily adapted to any language/character set
3. No country specific images/colors (not red, white and blue etc.). End users can add these touches later, but it is nice to have a theme that is not tied to any country.
4. Has code that is very easily understand and customizable for newbie WP users. (Users should be able to tweak their themes easily.)
5. Is light on markup, the less the better. (We dislike code bloat 🙂
6. Is unique and will not be mistaken for a Kubrick or generic blog. (I would like for people to know a weblogs.us blog when they see one. Kubrick is awesome, but it is already everywhere!)

Good luck to everyone that enters!

PS Please read Alex’s page about the competition before posting questions here.


  1. is that Tab me tab? lol w00t!
    if so i have just the gown to wear! -oh this means new shoes too.. so exciting 😉

    great idea though!

    We need some silky sexy hosted by weblogs.us buttons JD, can we submit some?

    Chat in a week or so.. im outtie

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