The case of the snagged ethernet network cable!

Today I received an email from Neil over at KohlerCreated notifying me that his website’s database was down. I checked and some other blogs were effected too, so that meant that something was up with one of the database servers :-(. We also had a VM server being removed from our rack at the datacenter… Continue reading The case of the snagged ethernet network cable!

Bandwidth improvements

Over the past few months our bandwidth usage has skyrocketed. So today we took the first steps in optimizing our bandwidth usage. For our bloggers there should be no negative changes. However, there will be some cool perks: +’leaderboard’ type info showing the top blogs on +better performance* +we can reduce our overhead** *since… Continue reading Bandwidth improvements

New hardware! 8-core Dell PowerEdge 1950

We’re very excited to have a nice new (to us) 1U server headed out way: Still deciding whether this machine will become our primary DB server, or serve as a higher-end VM server for us. Either way, in addition to this one, we have one more server in our near future and hopefully we’ll be… Continue reading New hardware! 8-core Dell PowerEdge 1950

Happy Birthday to mtekk!

Happy Birthday to mtekk, our resident Linux expert, bane of spammers, and overall cool dude! Apparently a GPU computing midterm took up most of his actual bday, so here’s hoping that the rest of the weekend is appropriately birthday-licious :-). Thanks for all your hard work on, we appreciate it!!!

Retiring old server, moving to new server

Our oldest server is being retired. This server (actually a virtual machine) has been a workhorse over the years but is nowhere near as nice or polished as our new server. Better performance, better security, faster FTP access, easier maintenance… those are just a few of the benefits to the new server. Almost everyone is… Continue reading Retiring old server, moving to new server