Non Public Option


My account is working perfectly, but I do have a suggestion to make.
It looks like you list out the weblogs you host on the main page of It would be nice if there was an option not to be listed as
a ‘public blog’ like at, so that people can choose to be on
the front page or not. Although I realise that a weblog is as public as
public gets, sometimes it’s unsettling seeing your latest post
appearing on the main site of another website. I hope you understand.

Thank you and best regards,


ps. kudos for providing probably the only free Movable Type hosting

(Our response and an immediate solution follows… -JD)

You have a good idea Pharaon. We are going to send out a “Monthly Update” email soon and I will let people know how to take their blog off of the public list.

So you don’t have to wait for that email, here are the steps to do it now:

Login and go to your blog editing menu
Go to “Templates”
Delete the “Update” template
Now any new posts you make should not show up on the fronpage of

I’m not sure if the last post before the change will show up on BUT soon we’ll just show the most recent posts so any old posts would scroll down and eventually off the frontpage…

How the recent posts feature works is all blogs we setup have a special index template called “Update” which outputs an index file called “Up.html”, the frontpage just checks every user’s MT directory to see if Up.html exists, and if so it includes that users file on the frontpage.


P.S. A way to FOR SURE get off the frontpage is to do the steps outlined, then upload a blank file called “Up.html” to your local site path…