ExcludeCats, QuickCode,RandomLine plugins installed today

Installed new plugins today, hope they help some folks pimp out their blogs 🙂

ExcludeCategories (MTEntriesExCat)
– this plugin allows exclusion from all posts specified in the “categories” attribute (opposite of regular MTEntries.) BONUS: How to create a SideBlog using MTEntriesExCat courtesy of the ever lovely Brandy

QuickCode – text filer plugin

RandomLine – Lets a list be used in a template by taking out a random line from a file or module separated with line breaks.

These plugins are installed for your blog whether it is weblogs.us V1 or V2. The admins aren’t guranteed to be able to help with these plugins, your best bet is to check with your resourceful fellow users in the forums 🙂 (We’ll create a new plugins forum category.) Don’t worry if you don’t use the new plugins, they won’t affect you or your blog 🙂

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  1. JD,

    you really should get MT-Blacklist, textism, and formatbreaks and plugins installed for all these cool cats… they are splendid. Just a suggestion on making weblogs.us even more pimping!

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