Global Spam IP Ban List and Delete

Today I added a global IP comment delete feature to This type of feature was first suggested in the forums by Kevin.

What this new system means is that if a user either #1 ban IPs on their own blog, or #2 post IPs in this forum of spammers, I can easily add those IPs to my global spam list.

Every few days I’ll run the delete query which will clear out all the spam comments from banned IPs, for now I will manually review the query before I run it but the process could easily be automated.

The current spam IP list is here:
(ordered by date banned, most recent IP bans coming in at the top.)

The list is automatically updated when a user bans an IP.

Potential problems:
#1 Some IPs are shared by multiple people, this could result in good comments being deleted. I don’t think this will be a problem because the only IPs users are likely to ban, are the ones from hardcore spammers. Our audience is small enough that I doubt we’ll anyone will have a shared IP with a spammer.

#2 Could be abused by users adding IPs that aren’t really spammers. I don’t think this is a problem, because users are among the most honest and good people that I know.

#3 Q. Why delete the comments, why not just block any new attempts? A. I don’t know how to code this yet.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.



  1. J.D.,

    I am still getting several comment spams. Now thankfully, they seem to be for on-line casinos etc. rather than rape and bestiality :). Is there a way for me, or some plug-in that would allow me to delete these comments all at once? It is very time consuming to delete them one by one. Also, the comments seem to alwys be on older posts (presumably so I wont notice) Is there a way to not allow comments on archived posts?

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