WordPress Beta Blogs

The first weblogs.us WordPress blogs have been up for a couple weeks:

We are just working on getting everything working smoothly before we open signups for WordPress blogs. Postings have been minimal because really we’re just focusing on getting the infrastructure right.

Right now the MySQL and PHP parts are working perfectly. We are still working on some path issues related to using IIS and isapi_rewrite. Also, FTP and DB rights are being figured out (who should have what rights.)

All our regular users should be unaffected by these tests. Next week a new backup server will be online and the CPUs will be upgraded (should be almost twice as fast as our current server.)

Best wishes,


  1. Hi JD!
    The only reason I’m going to stay with MT is because I have it exactly as I need it to be… however, if I could get another blog… WP would be great!
    Keep up the great work… when we get back on our feet financially (DH’s cancer battle), there will be another PayPal donation….

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